In the animal world, the alpha male wins over the females and offers little to no chance to the other males around him. For humans, things are a bit different, and more factors contribute to a connection between men and women. Besides physical power, a man needs to have various other qualities and high emotional intelligence to keep a relationship going.

If, in the past, women preferred personalities that emanated physical strength and virility, men who could build a home for them and support their family, now they prefer more sensitive characters, capable of strong emotions, men who offer them unconditional love.

There are five principal personalities in men’s world.

Alpha Personality

Male Personalities Hierarchy

Alpha males emit confidence and sex appeal. They think everything belongs to them. They firmly believe that it is possible to have any woman they desire. However, they choose their partners carefully, usually avoiding alpha females, in order to remain the dominant element of the relationship.

The alpha man is easy to offend, and his ego has immense proportions. Usually, a woman that cheats on her spouse does it with an alpha male due to his charming personality. They will not leave their partner for him because such a male will not offer her support and emotional stability, but only a fabulous sexual experience.

Therefore, the main advantages of an alpha male are his confidence, charm and friendly personality, while the downsides are his lack of emotional implication and comfort.

Beta Personality

This type of man will win women over with his gentle behaviour and takes a simple approach in his relationships. He differs a lot from the alpha character, being more sensitive and approachable than the other. He is usually more mature than other men and has a sensitive personality. The beta male will take time and listen to his partner’s feelings and is happy to collaborate and correct himself if he hurt them.

He sounds like an astounding potential lover, but he has his downsides, too. Sometimes, the beta man will become reserved and will hardly communicate. He does not talk much, although he is undoubtedly an intelligent man. People tend to take him for granted due to his kindness, which might have left some scars.

For marriage, a woman would unquestionably choose a beta male, even though when she was young preferred alphas. However, besides being sweet and caring partners, the beta males are best friends to their opposite sex.

Omega personality

The omega is a pretty unusual human because of his habits. He is generally a nerdy guy and likes to collect things. While his intelligence is remarkable, his ambitions and plans are not. Due to his laziness, he rarely does anything other than eating and practicing one of his hobbies.

His irresponsibility has driven away many women that were looking for something serious. They are not only immature but also careless. They only care about their food, complicated science enigmas and their valuable collections.

They can be in a long-term relationship, but the marriage frequently has issues. The wife is probably doing all the chores, which can become frustrating and lead to more significant problems.

Gamma Personality

The gamma male is indeed the dream man for most women. He is active, loves partying and having fun. At the same time, he is responsible and grounded. The gamma will keep his adventurous side in reasonable limits to not intercalate with his emotional life.

An alpha may transition into a gamma male when he gets older because while keeping his charm, the gamma develops qualities such as responsibility, emotional intelligence and patience.

This type of man is aware of what a woman needs. He strives to be a constant support for his partner. He makes a great husband due to his endless love for the family and his perseverance.

Delta Personality

A delta man is rarely born like this. He could have been another type, maybe even the strongest ones, but something tragic must have happened to them along their way and stopped their evolution.

They do not approach people and prefer their own company. Therefore, they are not friendly and often become lonely.

His perfect match is usually a delta as well, or maybe an omega because other types of personality would consider their lifestyle boring.

Of course, these personalities might fluctuate over the years, and a man can situate himself between two of the categories. However, they classify man into five logical sections. This division helps professional address many issues, such as why sometimes two people do not match.

Alpha vs Beta Male

Alpha vs Beta Male

Alphas and Betas are hugely different. There are very few things common to both of these personalities, and they are not main traits.

As described above, alpha males are confident and masculine, while beta males are more sensitive and inclined to art.

Alpha men have gathered a faulty reputation due to the false impression that they are only muscular beasts who cannot feel beautiful emotions. Most of them indeed tend to put emotions on the second plan, but they can create durable connections with women while maintaining their manly traits and assertiveness.

However, some of these men can go too far with their demanding personality. The key to being a true alpha male is to find balance. There is no shame in trying to be better for your partner. No one says that you have to sit at only one side of the table. Practicing being a better listener or learning how to be supportive does not diminish your alpha character.

What makes the “alpha” be considered the leader of the pack?

Firstly, alpha males have natural leadership qualities, such as social confidence and high self-esteem. They are ambitious and do not let themselves be overwhelmed with fear.

Additionally, alpha men have certainty when they address a woman and know how to make her feel protected. Therefore, they attract women’s attention fast, not letting too much space for the other personalities. However, this infatuation might not be durable, as women search for stability at some point. Not all alpha men are willing to give up on their engaging personality around females for a serious relationship.

Beta males tend to be intelligent, funny and kind to everyone around them. However, their level of confidence cannot reach alpha’s nonchalance and self-reliance. He likes sitting in the shadow of the alpha because he is more of a reserved person.

With women, beta males act differently than their opposite personality. While they are still quite charming, they often are considered “friends” rather than “boyfriends”. He has another kind of respect for women and is too scared to approach them as an alpha. He is frightened of rejections and that he will offend the girls.

His personality or appearance does not suggest masculinity, making it more difficult for women to see him as a sexual partner. However, they make good long-term partners thanks to their tolerance and communicative skills. They only need to work harder than an alpha to win the perfect woman’s heart.

How to make the difference between good alpha males and bad ones?

As previously mentioned, not all alpha males are born to be leaders. Not good ones, at least.

The good alpha male is confident and strong not only physically but also mentally. He constantly tries to improve their emotional skills. He is indeed outspoken and very masculine, but not sexists or a misogynist. He accepts other men and does not bully them for their less masculine traits. This alpha understands that men are built differently.

The bad alpha male is easy to notice. He emits arrogance and is selfish and proud. They love only when there is something to win and is emotionally unstable. He leans on his physical power and is often demanding things he does not deserve. This man pretends to be an alpha, and people accept them as one due to his muscular appearance and aggressive behaviour, not because they respect and want to follow him.

What is the media telling us?

In movies and TV shows, alpha males are often the bad guys, and they lose in front of the good boy, who is essentially becoming an alpha just at the end. However, in life, you do not get the chance to save humanity in order to become the kind of man you are aspiring to be.

Here is the thing; You do not have to become an alpha male if you do not wish for that kind of attention or sincerely appreciate your current status. But if you want to be that kind of guy who turns heads when he walks in the room, then there is not too much work to do. Being more attractive stands in feeling more attractive. Developing a few main alpha traits is enough to become more appealing to women who appreciate this type of character.

You do not need to become the supreme alpha male. You will still be good enough for women who like a confident, charismatic, masculine man. If you display these traits, then there is nothing to worry about.

Also, being brave enough to initiate the first kiss, then lead things to the next level (with her permission, of course) is very attractive to females interested in alpha males.

Is being a beta male bad?

Essentially, people do not see beta males as pack leaders due to their lack of confidence that they’re trying their best to hide. They often highlight the qualities and tell impressive stories to distract people’s attention from his fear and number two position in the group.

However, being a beta male is not bad. Betas have a bunch of qualities that alphas often struggle with. If alphas need to work extra hard on the emotional side, betas often have it naturally.

The thing most people do not understand is that women, just like men, are different. If a female likes a more muscular and confident guy, it does not mean that all do. While it is true that alphas attract women’s first glance, they not always win all of the feminine hearts in the room. Alphas attract at first due to their appearance. Strong with good jokes and a well-structured speech, these boys will make most of the girl’s head turn.

That does not mean that they actually want that kind of man. Physically, yes, maybe, but something more? Probably not.

There are women attracted to shy guys who are kind and respect them. Betas don’t fail at that, and while rarer than alphas, they find women that feel intense emotions towards him and appreciates his personality and his “number two status”.

You do not have to change into an alpha to win girls’ hearts because not all women are attracted to only one category of man. It is perfectly fine being a beta, especially if you are happy with yourself.

It is wrong that society makes non-alpha characters feel inferior. Some are born to be leaders and to be the centre of attention others are born to create a meaningful relationship. These two do not exclude each other but are not often in conjunction.

If we look at the celebrities, not all of them are alpha males (such as Jason Momoa, Conor McGregor, or Brad Pitt). Some great examples of stars who are beta males are Seth Rogan, Jesse Eisenberg or Johnny Depp. All of these are successful men, who undoubtedly attract plenty of women, do not have all the qualities of an alpha male.

How to improve your personality

Alphas hold a substantial burden on their shoulders. They must always keep their influential mask on and never let go of their manhood. This strength they are carrying does not leave them to appreciate things that are considered to be feminine.

Alphas are undoubtedly good leaders, but they hardly make connections. Having to be so confident, they have learnt to be in control of their emotions.  Sometimes, alphas consider prooving your feeling to be a sign of weakness.

This part of life is what alphas should work on- understanding that sentiments are not feminine or masculine. They belong to humans, regardless of their gender, and there is nothing braver than being loud about the way you feel.

The best example of an alpha male who has evolved into a complete man, ready to hold both a relationship and a career, is a gamma male. People who think that the ultimate goal is to be the alpha of the group are wrong. The goal is to combine the best qualities from each personality and become yourself.

Betas, on the other hand, need to stop complaining to themselves about not being an alpha. They have to learn how to embrace their personality and appreciate their qualities. There is only one major thing they have to borrow from their alpha mates: self-confidence. If they keep working on loving who they are and embracing their sensitive side, more will come their way, both romantically and career-wise.

But how to be more confident?

  1. First, you need to accept that nobody is perfect, not even the alpha male you keep comparing yourself to. Accept that whatever you do, you cannot change yourself in some areas. Once you have understood this, go ahead and meet people who make you feel good about yourself.
  2. Hang out with men that believe in authentic masculinity, not in the toxic one, and you will soon realize that there are fewer alpha males than you thought.
  3. Set goals and try your best to achieve them, but also take time to relax and allow yourself to rest and heal.
  4. Finally, take care of yourself. You deserve to feel beautiful inside-out, and you can do whatever it takes for that. Being aware of your bad thoughts and defeating them with positive ones is self-care, too.

The verdict

There are five principal personalities, but as a man, you do not have to belong just to one of them. You can have alpha’s confidence and charm but still, love art. You can hold omega’s intelligence and combine it with gamma’s ambition. Throughout life, you can have significant shifts in personality.

The point is, life is full of surprises and does not wait for us to adjust to changes. Whether you are an alpha, beta or any other type, you need to keep up and evolve constantly. This way, you will model your specific personality with the qualities you consider the best.

The whole hierarchy between personalities is just an absurd social construct. Both alphas and betas have qualities and flaws. They are different kind of people and have plenty of things to learn from each other.

The “battle” regarding women is complex but does not have a winner. Just like men, women are distinctive and have various tastes in males. Not every female will fall for an alpha, while not every woman that falls for one will win his heart. Therefore, beta males should not worry about not finding their soulmates. They should only gain a little bit of courage and confidence.