Manifesting is a method based entirely on the belief that you receive what you attract. Therefore, it encourages people to think positively and about their aspirations, wishing to fulfil them and eventually, they will!

People have different views on manifesting, some considering it a practice that needs to be in constant connection with the spiritual life. Others feel like there is no right way to manifest, and you must adjust the process to your personality.

Frequently, people that practice this technique connect with the Universe through diverse methods. There are numbers associated with “angels” and specific frequencies that help people connect with themselves.

If you think that manifesting will help you achieve your goals, then go through these 15 methods of practicing it and choose the right one for you!

1. Gratitude Loop

Gratitude is appreciating what you have now, and it is one of the strongest emotions you can emit. Practicing gratitude offers the chance to shift your energy into a better one.

The art of being grateful can be potentate by creating a gratitude loop, which is a cycle that happens when you are thankful for the things you receive, so the Universe gives you more to enjoy.

The fundamental low of manifesting is the low of attraction. Therefore, when you emit gratitude, you will be rewarded with other blessings to keep your energy stable. In consequence, you will release even more recognition, getting caught in a beneficial loop.

However, a gratitude loop is not necessarily easy to create. First, you need to take the time to think about what you are grateful for and acknowledge the feelings you have towards those things, people, or situations that make you feel content. Then, take a piece of paper and write everything you just thought about in great details or briefly.

Remember that the loop needs to be maintained. To do this, you must repeat the experience described above every day. Read from your list whenever you feel like you do not have enough, and try to enrich it each day with a reason why you are thankful for the present.

2. The Pillow Technique

One of the manifesting fundamentals is affirmations. People involved in this process have positive statements that they repeat regularly to attract good energies. Therapists often recommend this approach to their patients to raise their self-esteem.

The pillow method implies writing down your affirmations and placing them under your pillow at night. This practice will help you remain connected with your thoughts and energy while sleeping. The positive beliefs you have before you fall into a deeper sleep will have a significant impact on your dreams, too. It is a method that helps you manifest in your subconsciousness, not only when you are awake and aware of your actions.

People often do not realize how valuable it is to wake up with good energy. You can have a say in how you start your day by thinking of your affirmations before you fall asleep and having them close to you all the time you are unconscious.

3. Subconscious Reprogramming

Humans have a conscious and a subconscious mind. They work individually and are responsible for totally different activities in your brain. The conscious part of your brain administers our thoughts, reactions and perception. The subconscious mind collects information and patterns that explain the way you behave in certain situations.

This second side of our mind cannot separate the good and bad experiences, leading us to develop some destructive habits sometimes. These harmful patterns are often the reason behind the incapacity of manifesting properly.

Subconscious reprogramming is a technique that consists of replacing the negative patterns in your mind with the right ones that will help you escape the limitations you had when manifesting.

This system relies on subliminal affirmations, hidden messages in audio tracks that only your unconscious mind distinguishes. There are different websites and programs such as “Subliminal Guru” that offer the opportunity to access hundreds of subliminal audio tapes.

4. Offer more

Giving is not only about helping others. It is also about helping yourself. There is no need to spend money to offer. You can provide love, positivity, physical power, mental strength and spirituality.

People need your help, and there are so many animals that you can save and a whole planet you can try protecting from climate change.

Here is a list of kind things to do every day to raise your vibration:

  • Open the door for someone.
  • Volunteer.
  • Call your parents and tell them you love them.
  • Pick up someone else’s trash.
  • Hug someone.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Give out compliments.
  • Teach someone one of your skills.
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Leave someone in front of you in line.

To get our rewards from the Universe, working as a team is crucial. You must help others, and others will help you. Just remember that giving is more than donating gifts or expenses. It is about offering your time, effort and understanding to those who are struggling.

5. Vision board

A vision board is something wildly used in the manifesting world. Especially for beginners, it is a great tool that introduces you to the art of attracting good energies. These boards include pictures and terms that carry your values and your aspirations.

It is simple to create the board. Generally, you only need a large piece of paper, magazines or other prints, glue, shears and a few markers. You can add other decorative items if you want to make the board prettier, but if you are not so artistic, that is perfectly fine!

Before crafting, take some time to identify what are your values and what you want to achieve in your life. Think about the places you want to visit, about your dream home and about the people you want to meet or keep.

After you have put together the quotes, affirmations and pictures that remind you of your purposes, place the board in a place you see every day. Looking at it so often will keep your plans and dreams alive, and you will remain dedicated to your cause.

6. Embracing your inner child

We all hold a child inside of our souls, a sensitive and vulnerable side of us that seeks protection and comprehension. The child carries our most profound and longest secrets, dreams and aspirations, but also part of the barriers that stop us from manifesting. Working on embracing this side in us will contribute to overcoming those limits.

If you decide to discover this child, start by trying to understand its desires and feelings. Visualize the soul and explore its weaknesses and strengths. After you explored its nature, embrace it and learn to live with its fears and flaws, but enjoy its vulnerability and kindness. Only by finding the roots, you can start working on removing the obstacles.

It takes time to fully reveal this side of you, as it something you forgot existed. Slowly, you will notice modest improvements in your energy levels and vibrations.

7. Permission practice

It might seem unbelievable, but the reason behind your failures is not permitting ourselves to succeed. Inside of you, there might be false beliefs that accomplishment is something unachievable for someone like you. The fear of not being made for happiness stops us from fulfilling our complete potential.

Permission practice implies repeating affirmations that leave us overcome this obstacle because the truth is we do not need permission from anyone else but ourselves. Some potential affirmations are:

  • I permit myself to feel.
  • I give myself permission to be myself.
  • I am allowing myself to receive the blessings of the Universe.
  • I give myself permission to create marvelous experiences.

8. Affirmations

The first thing people usually do when they start manifesting is creating a set of affirmations that they aim to repeat as often as possible, in order to attract good energies and train their subconsciousness.

Present tense should be the only tense in your statement and you can repeat them when you meditate, before going to sleep or right after you woke up.

Some of the best affirmations to say are the following:

  1. I am a healthy person.
  2. I am in control of how I react to others’ behaviour.
  3. I am worthy of love.
  4. I am calm, happy and thankful.
  5. I am allowed to take time to rest and heal.
  6. I forgive those who have treated me poorly.
  7. I am enough.
  8. I am worthy of respect and I will not let anyone disrespect me.
  9. I attract money easily into my life.
  10. I am intelligent and beautiful.

9. Being with the right people

If you are seriously thinking about manifesting the life you want, then it is the right time to consider detoxification of the interpersonal relationships you have. You must pay attention to who you give your time to and who you let influence your energy.

People around us have the most noticeable impact on our energies and state of mind. Therefore, we have to make sure that our circle rises our spirit instead of lowering it. You want to be near people who have goals as high as you, who are motivated and want to see you succeed.

This positive influence can nowadays come so much simpler through the internet and social media. We can find role models everywhere around us, on Instagram, in movies, books and podcasts. All we need to do is search for someone that aligns with our beliefs.

It is okay to get inspiration from people who struggled just like you do now. Learn from them and allow their energy to motivate you.

10. Act “as if”

“Acting as if” is a technique used by many manifesters, and the only supply you need is your imagination. There is only one direction for this system. You have to continue your day as if you already have the life you have been dreaming about for the longest time. You attract what you are and not what you wish to be. Therefore, pretend you already have everything, and things will come effortlessly.

Besides being efficient, this technique is also fun and will help you go through your monotonous life. Imagining that you are in your dream home while you are in your one-room apartment can bring your energy to a higher level.

Therefore, instead of dreaming about the perfect future, transform the present into something excellent. You will attract the power to become the person you are presuming you are.

11. 17 second Method

Abraham Hicks, the author of “Ask and it is given” says that it only takes 17 seconds of continuous focus to initiate the process of manifestation.

The approach proposes to change your morning habits, and instead of looking through your phone, take 17 seconds to daydream about what you wish to achieve in your life. Think about the satisfaction you will feel once you reach your goals.

After those seconds get out of bed and start the day motivated. Once you woke up manifesting, it will be so much more natural to manifest throughout the day.

12. Movie Method

When it feels hard to imagine your dream life yourself, you should not give up on your manifesting for the day. Just put on a movie that aligns with your values and visualize your goals.

For some people, imagining feels like a terrifying chore. Not seeing the picture in your head leads to so much anxiety, and manifesting becomes overwhelming.

If you feel like that, then choose a movie, find the character you would like to switch lives with and imagine you are them. You can repeat the experience with other films that meet your goals, too. Today you can be the rich man who has a job on Wall Street. Tomorrow you could be the traveler that walks through Paris.

13. Two cup method

Everything you need for this technique you can find in your kitchen. The supplies are only two cups or glasses of water. Label the cup with your desires, then drink the water. It may seem strange, but the process has two scientific studies at its base.

The first relies on quantum jumps which are leaps from one dimension to another. These dimensions are parallel, and we sometimes fall from reality to another. In the manifesting process, people believe that we can arrive at the existence where our goals are mostly achieved.

The second scientific research underlines the fact that water can hold various energies. Therefore, when we drink from a glass of water, we absorb the energy we charged it with.

The two cups scheme is effortless to make. You need to label one cup with the desires you wish to manifest and the other with your current situation. Pour water into your situation cup, then pour it into the empty one, labelled with your wishes. The last step is to drink the water.
It is a good idea to prepare yourself for this technique by meditating or lighting up some candles.

14. 55*5 method

This manifesting practice is the simplest and consists of writing one affirmation regarding your desires 55 times, five days in a row.
Of course, there is a reason behind these numbers.

The number five means transformation and has powerful energy for manifestation. All you need to do is to choose an affirmation and concentrate on it. Write it down as described above and watch your desire manifesting.

15. Letter from your future self

You might be familiar with writing to your future self, not receiving a letter from the future self. It is an impressive technique! All you need to do is sit down and write from the perspective of the person you aim to become in the next few months or years.

Think about all your achievements, and describe them to your current self. Put the letter into an envelope and open it at the moment you decide to write from. Have you achieved your goals?


Manifesting is done in different ways, depending on each person’s character and values. Many people find these techniques useful and firmly think that they attract what they are and what they wish for.

Whatever you wish to manifest, these techniques are powerful tools for achieving your goals. Financial gain, love, or happiness, nothing is too firm for a strong manifesting program.

Even if there are not many scientific studies to support this method of accomplishing your goals, manifesting can at least boost your self-esteem and helps you become positive and motivated. There is nothing to lose if you try out manifesting.