When you feel a strong attraction for someone, you automatically want to know their intentions, to be sure that your actions are not out of place or embarrassing. With boys, things can get a little tricky, as they are remarkably skilled at hiding and containing their emotions.

As a girl, you have to learn his love language and understand his gestures to guess his actual intentions. Although it can sometimes become frustrating to struggle with his contradictory signs, if a boy goes through the majority of the steps below, he is undoubtedly worth the effort.

Pay attention to these signs, and if they appear in the relationship between you and a boy, it means that it is time to move on to the next level if you want to, because he is certainly into you. Here are 25 signs a boy likes you:

1. Watch out for his words

When you engage in a conversation with a boy, and you presume he likes you, then pay attention to his words. If you are right, the way he addresses you and his conversational skills will surprise you.

Do you have a dialogue or a monologue? If he constantly asks questions, he wants to know you better and understand your personality. Talking about himself a lot is a sign that he likes himself and wants to impress you with his stories.

While it is not a bad thing for someone to want to dazzle you, there is a big difference between men looking for relationships, and men who simply try to impress.

An actual knell is watching his phone, talking to someone else while you speak or even looking bored of the conversation. However, some people feel awkward and shy when they are around someone they like. Therefore, this behaviour might come in response to his nervousness. Try approaching him differently or getting closer and watch his reaction.

2. Gestures

Men must have invented body language because they are using it constantly when they are trying to impress someone, or even unconsciously when they like a woman.

Licking his lips while he looks at you is a clear indication of sexual tension. You can be sure that at least you attract him physically. If he continues by smiling and leaning towards you, then that’s it! You can call it a verdict: he is into you!

Guys will fix their hair and their clothes, trying to look their best for you. You can notice their position changing when you enter the room- he will stand tall, and he will show off his body as often as possible.

3. Weird acting

Did his behaviour changed suddenly, without any logical explanation? Not necessarily in a wrong way, but more in a weird manner.

For example, he loses coherence when he speaks or becomes nervous when you approach him, touching him unexpectedly.

There is no secret that men and women are considered to be two different species sometimes. It might sound like a metaphor, but there are actual differences in these two sexes’ psychology. John Gray, who is an author and a relationship counsellor, wrote a book called “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus“.

In his writing, he underlines, alongside other relationship discoveries that he gathered in his long career, the distinction between women and men actions. Therefore, there is a precise reason why understanding men feelings as a woman can sometimes be challenging and vice-versa.

The truth is, even our biology is non-identical, and our brains see things from other perspectives. This “weird” response can come from insecurities or even the disbelief that you are interested in him.

As John Gray also appreciates, men crave feeling needed. To create communication and avoid awkwardness, let him feel like a hero, like he can be helpful to you (“Not to be needed is a slow death for a man”).

4. Showing up where you are

First, it is fabulous that he remembers where you like to go. He pays attention to you and actually listens you, he doesn’t only hear your words. If you talk frequently about going to a specific place, you might suddenly see him around. He will, of course, make it look like an accident, which is certainly not the case.

Also, if you have the same group of friends and you happen to be at the same parties, he will keep “finding you” and ask to dance with you or buy you a drink.

5. Eye contact

Even if the man is shy, he will still look for your eyes. When he catches your gaze, he might turn away or maintain eye contact, but either way, he likes you a lot!

On the other hand, if he immediately breaks eye contact and his eyes start wandering around the room with no purpose, he probably is not interested. You can do the same to show him that you don’t want to continue the date or the conversation.

Notice his eyes in other circumstances as well. When you are in a bigger group pay attention to where he looks after telling a fun story. If his eyes fall on you, it means that he is particularly making jokes to amuse you, not the crowd.

6. Compliments

Compliments come in different shapes. They can be simple appreciations regarding your appearance or more subtle aspects of your personality, such as your kindness, serenity, or how funny you are. Yet it is not only about consistent traits that you have, but also about noticing small changes such as your new hairstyle or make-up.

At the beginning of the article, we were discussing about learning his love language. It’s obvious that not all men are good at compliments, so you might see them getting out of their way to show you appreciations rather than narrating it to you. Manifestation is their way of worshipping you, and it is just as beautiful as telling you how pretty you are!

7. Mirroring

Scientists have discovered that spending a lot of time with someone or creating a solid bond with a person leads to an action called “mirroring”. It means that you have similar gesture and imitate each other unconsciously.

If he matches your energy, talks more like you, or does the same gestures as you do, it means that he carries tremendous respect for you and admires you as a person.

8. Space is shrinking

Men have a strange body language, as we have already observed. They will lean towards you during the conversation, which will shrink the space between you.

He will sometimes pull away to impose his stature, but he will lean back in almost immediately. Men do this without even realizing it, but you have to be focused on their gestures to guess their intentions.

9. He is contacting you and stalking you on social media

A man who likes you will contact you as soon as he obtains your number or your social media account. Maybe you thought that only women stalk on Facebook or Instagram, but men do it as well.

They would even bring up older things from your profile in conversation. His little research emphasizes his interest in knowing more about you and takes every opportunity to find interesting details regarding your personal (romantic) life.

10. Excuses to touch you

A simple touch often makes the difference between friendship and a potential relationship. A man who likes you will gently touch your hand while walking with you or will lay his palm on your lower back to guide you.

The old trick from vintage movies when he pretends to yawn to hug the girl over her shoulders still works and it’s an obvious indication of his engagement in the possible involvement.

11. “Alpha” body-language

Some guys use their bodies a lot in the flirting game. They often show off their muscular arms, their tall stature or their legs. They want you to know how much they can protect you and what they can offer.

Therefore, if he tries to take as much space as possible and wears clothes that advantage his body structure, he wants to prove you a point!

12. He’s “Ignoring” You

When a man ignores you, he either dislikes you or is fascinated by you. Sometimes they like playing “hard to get” and avoid contact with you for a while. It can be complicated to understand what is happening when he overlooks you, but the safest card to play is reaching out to him.

If he is into you, he will engage in the conversation and will start smiling more and relax. He just waited for you to do the first step, too.

If, on the other hand, he sharply ends the discussion and leaves, he is not the one for you!

13. He doesn’t like seeing you with other guys

A man who likes you will be at least slightly jealous when he sees you around other guys. He will also adopt an angry and distant attitude. This behaviour proves that he romantically cares about you and feels threatened by other men you pay attention to.

Maybe jealousy will determine him to take action and approach you.

14. He remembers everything

If a man remembers the most trivial information about you, such as where you like spending your vacations or what was the book that got you into reading, then he is undoubtedly prioritizing you.

In the movie “Me before you“, Will offers Lou a small gift containing bumblebee tights. It seems like the most monotonous present, but Lou was thrilled, as Will remembered that these tights were her favourite piece of clothing when she was three years old.

He doesn’t just remember random things about you. He cares and wants to become a part of your life.

15. He watches your reactions

When a man likes you, he is searching for your approval. He wants to earn your respect and tries to watch your reactions to conclude if he succeeded.

In a group, he will always look at you after imposing a point of view to figure out if you agree. While he cares about others, too, you are the one he is aiming to impress.

16. He is talking to you about his plans

Men are usually secretive with their plans and will only share them with people they trust and care about deeply. If he opens up to you, he probably sees you in that future and makes space for you in his layout.

A man who  will talk about well-structured, long-term goals has ambitions and doesn’t engage in temporary situations. His love life is probably not an exception, and he sees a future with you.

You might notice him even bringing up children and marriage in the conversation. You shouldn’t be scared by his ambitions, but encourage them and share your plan, too. If you are on the same page, nothing should stop you from starting a promising relationship.

17. He laughs at everything you say

To a man that likes you, there is no other person funnier than you. You could have the most boring jokes or the dullest personality, for him it just doesn’t matter. If he laughs at stupid stories or your silly, awkward gestures, then he is falling for you.

We intend to make the people we like feel good about themselves. While someone that doesn’t know you or dislikes you would make you feel embarrassed, a man that is into you would rather embarrass himself by laughing or imitating you.

18. His friends leave you two alone

If any people know a man’s feelings, those are his best friends. If he likes you, they surely know and will intentionally leave you two alone, trying to give him the chance to make progress in a more intimate atmosphere.

Them going together to buy something is a sign that he has been talking about you, and he already confessed his feelings to his buddies.

If this is the case, then he is not only interested. His feelings are already advanced, and you should expect a direct move soon.

19. He is drunk-texting you

We are in our most vulnerable state when we are drunk and brutally honest. If a man contacts you while he’s out with his friends and had a couple of drinks, then it might be a sign that you are stuck in his mind.

However, be careful, because some men call you just because they want to have some fun. Notice when he calls or texts you and also his words. If he has been out for over five hours and he finally decides to hit you up, he might want a warm touch, not a relationship.

20. He invites you to family gatherings

If you are not even in a relationship yet and a guy invites you to meet his family, it is an enormous indication that he has serious intentions. Other couples wait for months before making such a scary and significant step.

The invitation also indicates that his family is aware of your presence in his life, and talking about you with his mother is probably the most undeniable proof that he is in love with you. He wouldn’t walk around in his parents’ house talking about a hook-up.

Therefore, a man who is ready to present you to his family values you enough to bring you to his safe place. Remember, the parents are the people who know him best. You should be excited!

21. He wants to run errands with you

Meeting more often soon transforms into dating, and dating becomes basic human activities. It might sound like a regression, but in fact, it is a good thing that you are comfortable enough to go grocery shopping together.

It shows that he loves spending time with you every day, not only on special occasions.

22. He will forget about his phone when you meet

The first good sign is that he is polite. It is rude to spend time on your phone while you are out with someone.

Secondly, he is certainly into you because despite being ignorant, we all fall into the trap of scrolling through Instagram from time to time. He is ignoring the messages and curious questions from his friends and focuses fully on you. In such a technological era, what more could you ask for?

23. He will walk slower

Studies, such as “Energetic Consequences of Human Sociality: Walking Speed Choices among Friendly Dyads“, made by Plos One, discovered that if you attract a man, he will slow down his walking speed to meet yours. Unlike this situation, when the relationship is strictly platonic, both of you try to adjust the pace until you find common ground.

While it might be hard to notice such a change in a man’s behaviour, paying attention to this aspect is worth the struggle. It is something unusual that will guarantee his feelings for you.

24. He will say cheesy words

Men are not quick to admit they like someone, and each word they say that lead to that direction is additional proof that he is taking you seriously.

Therefore, if he says “I miss you” and “I like you”, they probably do, and they feel like it is time to step up their game and show you how they truly feel.

25. He will compromise for you

Normally, a man will not watch romantic flicks, and he is probably not even close to a fan of extended shopping hours. However, if he likes you, you will notice that he makes compromises for your happiness. He might not adore each activity, but if you do, that’s making him happy as well. If that is enough for him, then he might be the one! Don’t screw it up!


Men are not easy to read, but they are not machines either. Just like you, they leave subtle signs, intentionally or not, that talk louder than his mouth will ever do. Pay close attention to his gestures and decisions, and you will surely figure it out!

If he is the one, you shouldn’t worry too much about how fast he decides to let you know about his feelings. But if you can’t wait anymore, just read these signs again and see if he matches at least a few of them.