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15 Tips on How to be a Better Girlfriend

By Elena Kalieva


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Love is the most beautiful feeling, but creating a romantic relationship involves constant evolution and desire to be better for your partner. There is the misconception that a man must carry the burden of a relationship alone, but women are equally responsible for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere within the relationship.

Therefore, we decided to create a list of 15 tips on how to become a better girlfriend and help you bring the relationship to a completely different level.

1. Make him feel special

Men are also human, and they love feeling appreciated. Make him a priority and prove to him that he is valuable by offering him your time, understanding and unconditional love. Your boyfriend wants you to be happy, but he also needs to be given credit for his efforts.

Acknowledging the hard work that your partner puts in both the relationship and outside of it will cause him to look at you as the woman of his life who supports and appreciates him. This behaviour will stimulate him to get better, just as you try to get better.

2. Be honest

Nothing destroys a relationship more than lying. Even though you have made a mistake, you must tell your boyfriend the truth and face your blunders while trying to work things out. Lying to protect his feelings is also damaging to your connection because it will lead to a build-up inside you that can erupt anytime and be troublesome to control.

Tell him what you think about the situation, don’t let him assume things. He cannot read your mind or figure it out on his own. You must work as a team, fighting against the problem, not against each other.

3. Be loyal

The best advice for you is to avoid giving him reasons for jealousy to see if you get a reaction from him. Just like women, men want to be “the only one” for their girlfriends. Discuss and set boundaries of how far you can go with jokes and dares at parties to avoid arguments. Cheating creates enormous gaps in the relationship and obviously demolishes trust.

Even more in a long-distance relationship, trust is everything! You cannot leave room for interpretation or jealousy because the distance is already creating issues and putting the relationship under tremendous stress.

4. Inspire him to be a better man

The whole purpose of a relationship is to make each other better and to encourage the person next to you to evolve and become the best version of themselves. In any case, the development of this component of your bond will not be successful if all you do is give orders to your lover.

Stressing him out to go to the gym or finish his projects will become rather annoying than inspiring. Instead, try being a good model for him by being disciplined. Go to the gym and complete your project first, to show him that he can do it, too. This strategy works both ways and will help you develop your skills individually, which will offer satisfaction and leads to a happier relationship overall.

5. Share the passions

We don’t have to love everything our partner does. Maybe he is into sports, and you absolutely hate them, or perhaps he loves action movies, while you prefer drama. As a great girlfriend, you don’t have to pretend to like playing soccer or his favourite artists, but you must find the patience to listen to him and be interested in his passion.

Once in a while, ask him a question about something he enjoys, and when he explains to you how a machine works, pay attention and bring it up some other time. This attitude will prove to him that you are trying to understand his hobbies and the things he is enthusiastic about and will make his heart jump with happiness.

6. Don’t take him for granted

If you won his heart, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will stay like that forever. You still have to put in the effort of making him happy, of supporting him, of showing him your feelings didn’t change. Especially in long-term relationships, spouses forget their partner duties, as they get lost in the routine and in the guarantee that the person next to them will always be there. It is certainly not the case! A relationship means constant work and reassurance.

7. Find the time to spice things up

People are afraid to talk about their sexual side, sometimes even with their partner. They are often ashamed of their fantasies. Ask your boyfriend what would he like to try in bed, and if there is anything that seems interesting to you, too, try it out! It is okay to not want some of the things that he wants, but there must be a way in which you can spice things up. You can even buy a new set of underwear. He will appreciate the effort and will be even more excited.

Also, try to remain as active as it feels comfortable to you because long-term relationships sometimes lack intimacy, and it creates problems of confidence and connection.

8. Leave him the freedom to hang out with his friends

Even though you are in a relationship, it does not mean that you own your boyfriend or his freedom. He should still be able to see his friends, regardless of their gender, and spend time without you.

Causing drama when you see him hanging out with a girl he is friends with, or being upset when he spends the night with his buddies, will only make him feel trapped and suffocated.

9. Let him be emotional

Men have feelings. Sometimes it is just as hard for them to contain the emotions as it is for you. Your lover is allowed to cry when you argue, when he is watching an emotional scene in a movie or even when you compliment him.

You must make him feel comfortable enough to express his feelings freely, without any judgment. There is nothing wrong with him being sensitive. It means that he trusts you to see him this way and appreciates your support.

10. Learn how to compromise

There will always be things to fight over in a relationship. What do you eat on that day, where should you hang out, who should do the dishes? Sometimes it is hard to decide or let go of your wishes, but understand that if he gives up on his game to go shopping with you, you should also give up on your favourite restaurant and eat where he likes, too.

You don’t always have to compromise, but if he makes sacrifices from time to time, you should follow his example. It will make him feel cared for, and it will show that he has a word to say in your decisions as a couple, too.

11. Surprise him with small reminders of how much you love him

Expensive presents are, of course, astonishing, but not all of us are millionaires. It is okay to surprise your boyfriend with small gestures of love in public, with a home-cooked dinner, a love letter on his desk, etc.

It doesn’t have to be massive to make him feel appreciated and loved. It is always the intention that matters, and his heart will melt if he sees you waiting for him with a movie-night date, even though you are wearing pijamas, and all you did was to buy some popcorn and a cheap movie.

12. Dress up from times to times

Being in a relationship for a long time sometimes is equivalent to falling into a routine in which you are comfortable enough with your partner to wear whatever is most convenient for you. Don’t get me wrong! This adjustment is fabulous and a great sign that the relationship reached another level.

However, your boyfriend probably wants to see you dressed differently sometimes. Stepping out of your pijamas and putting on a cute dress or a nice blouse will be a pleasant surprise and will bring some fresh air into the relationship.

13. Try understanding his reasons

What your boyfriend does sometimes must feel unexplainable, even absurd, but you must sit down and talk to him while trying to understand the reasons behind his action. If you feel like he got upset out of nowhere, you don’t have to accuse him of being unfair, but ask him if there was any motive for his state.

Maybe work was more tiring than usual, or there was a small gesture that seemed cold to him. People are allowed to feel upset if there is something that seems like a big deal for them. You might see it differently, but you are two separate characters with distinct emotions.

14. Support him in his career and dreams

People struggle with their careers and aspirations, and as a partner, you must encourage them to move forward even when it feels impossible for them. Reassure him of his valuable skills and remind him of all the compromises and hard work he put into achieving does goals. Even though his dreams take another path than you expected, you must not judge but be there for them.

You can obviously offer him your pieces of advice and options, but if he chooses another way, you don’t have to be upset. Some people want to go to college, some want to travel the world, and some want to learn individually. Regardless of their ways, you have to be there and push them to become the man of his dreams.

15. Love him through his darkest days

Life is not only milk and honey. We fall, and we break, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed and sad. As his girlfriend, you must understand that he won’t always be down for the craziest adventures or doing the things you both love. Sometimes people need a pause from reality and stay at home, in their cosy bed. In those days, you have to love him even harder and to remind him that you are there for the good, but also for the bad times.

It does not matter where you are in the relationship. Your boyfriend needs to know that you are ready to conquer the world with him. It is not only his job to step up the game and become better, but also yours, as you must feel like equals and understand each other’s needs. You have an essential role in your boyfriend’s life, and you have to make sure there are no doubts and worries in his mind.

Lastly, love him with everything you got, and try learning each other’s love language. Don’t forget: you might show affection differently! We hope this article helped you become a better girlfriend.

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