English is one of the universal languages used all over the world. You may not come from English speaking countries but you still aspire to speak the language to be able to engage with people from all over the world. With so many different languages with different diction, intonations and stresses, it’s inevitable to have a variety of accents when speaking English.

But what makes it more interesting is that sometimes, these accents sound so seductive that some people actually prefer certain accents in significant others. Here are 10 sexy English accents from all over the world.

10. Irish English

To start this list with a bang, considered to be one of the sexiest accents in the world, the Irish accent really dos leave an impression in your head. The Irish aren’t only about leprechauns and the gold at the end of the rainbow.

The way they speak English makes you really curious as to how they produce these intriguing, almost alluring sounds. One notable bombshell who speak this sexy dialect is the ever so charming Soairse Ronan.

9. Scottish English

If you haven’t watched Downton Abbey, then you need to get yourself acquainted with it because this periodical drama has a mixture of not only British English but Scottish, Irish and American Englishes as well. The Scots have a way of pronouncing their vowels so distinctively that you can distinguish them clearly from the Irish.

But that would only be easy to those who have heard the language their whole lives. To the rest of us, it might be a bit challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, surely you will be able to tell.

8. Canadian English

Although there isn’t much noticeable differences between Canadian and American accents, or some accents in America at least, they still have distinctive features that differentiate the two. They have a few vowels that thy pronounce differently and they sound endearing and sexy to some.

If you really pay attention, then you can probably hear it from Justin Beiber or Drake. But then again, there is also a different part of Canada that speak French so there’s that.

7. Welsh Accent

If you don’t know where this accent is spoken, then think of the United Kingdom. What other countries are included there? If you already checked off Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland, then what else is there?

Most people forget that there is a fourth one included in the United Kingdom where the Prince Charles has a title in and that is the island of Wales. There’s something about the musicality of their accent that makes you want to know more about it.

6. American (Californian) Accent

It may not seem sexy to you if you live in the area, but to those from outside the United States of America, people strive to speak the way Americans speak.

Even though there are many different kinds of accents in different states, the most recognized accent due to the entertainment industry is the accent from states such as California. Many countries aspire to be able to speak the way they speak which is why they find it highly attractive.

5. Italian Accent

A lot of the words in the English dictionary come from the Italians such as Pizza and Mozzarella cheese. But their best contribution to the English speaking world is the beauties that give them their sultry reputation.

Monica Bellucci alone already puts them at such a high pedestal and her English accent just makes it all the more sultry and seductive.

4. Australian Accent

Yes, there is nothing wrong with your hearing. They really are speaking in English. The Australians are known to speak English with such a thick accent compared to the rest of the English speaking countries. They may not see it that way, but their accent is actually quite difficult to decipher.

If you are talking about accents, then you would think that British and Indian accents may be hard to understand. But once you hear an Australian speak their native language, you would think that it’s not even English. But then again, have you heard Miranda Kerr speak? We thought so.

3. Spanish Accent

Just one of the enticing group of romance languages, the Spanish are known to be romantic and down-right seductive with the way they utter their words. It’s not just when they speak the Spanish language. It’s also when they speak English as well.

The natural occurring trills as well as their carefully pronounced l’s is really something to listen to. It may sound like a telenovela, but in reality, you just can’t wait to find your exotic and spicy Spanish babe who will seduce you with her sexy accent.

2. British English

British English is probably one of the sexiest accents you could ever hear. Maybe not for them, but for the rest of the world, it sounds much more pleasant to hear compared to the commercialized American accent.

There’s just something about they way the British speak that makes them sound so elegant and proper but at the same time playful and intriguing.

1. French Accent

French itself is already considered one of the sexiest languages in the world, imagine how French people would pronounce your regular English words. It’s like butter melting on your toasted bread. They just have a way in speaking that make you feel like they are trying to seduce you, even though they are not.

They are from the land of romance after all. The dropping of the h, the trilling of the r, the works. The French accent is definitely one of the most recognizable accents when heard in English.