The only thing standing between you and a better life is your spending habits. Sure, that freeloading slack of an officemate may be earning a lot more than you do but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to prosper better.

There are more than enough ways for you to spend less and save more — without losing your shot at having fun after work and on weekends.

So how much does it take to fatten up your savings account? Here’s how to save money everyday.

Membership cards & reward points

Remember how you used to make fun of your friend who’s obsessed about your using his card to gain reward points? Well, it’s about time you stop and start subscribing to your own.

The fact is membership cards and reward points help you gain items you would’ve ended up spending for. If you use your loyalty card in your local store long enough, you’re entitled to free grocery items, which is practically free food.

Mall cards allow you to accumulate points and discounts that of course, will prevent you from breaking your bank.


Okay, before you throw us shade on this, hear us out: Most of the time, it’s the ultimate cheapskates that are portrayed to go crazy over these perforated pieces of paper but the truth is, it’s for everyone — and it can save you well over $600 a year, for starters.

Drop the misconception and scoop out coupon leaflets the next time you take a trip down the pharmacy or store. Scan magazines and newspapers for free ones. We know this sounds like something your mom would be better off doing but trust us, there’s no greater feeling than realizing you’ve spend so little for countless bags of groceries. You’re never going to want to spend for toilet rolls ever again.

Phone company

Bills are among the top reasons as to why it’s hard to set aside money, phone bills being on top. Maybe it’s time you rethink your subscription to a certain company and begin to look for one that will help you spend less.

Ask about additional fees and if rates change after a call’s two-minute mark. You can push a little further by staging a little freak-out customer scene. Perhaps the company would be more negotiable about their rates.

Old stuff, be gone!

You know that ratty old electric guitar your ex-girlfriend gave you? Not only has it constantly reminded you of the pain that woman caused you. It’ also been collecting dirt instead of being converted to cash.

Rally all your old stuff you believe are sellable. From your double copy comics to your graphic tees and cassette tapes, go ahead and sell them online or have a garage sale. Your space will feel so much lighter and your pocket, way heavier.

Free shots?

We’ve all been there: We get drunk, sloshing one beer after another and the next thing we know, we feel like buying everyone a round of shots. It feels good now but your wallet isn’t going to thank you for it the morning after — so will your body.

Remedy this by only bringing just the right amount of money to spend on a night out for yourself. We all want to be the cool guy who treats his friends but you gotta think about the hundreds of dollars you spend a year buying drinks when you could have saved those bucks instead.

About your cards..

Unless you really, really need to spend on something, leave your cards at home. These plastics will tempt you to buy something believably necessary but not exactly.

Just as you are going to bar, only bring the cash you need for today’s errands. Instant gratification won’t get you anywhere farther. When it comes to your credit card, try to pay in cash if you can right at that very moment. Interest rates and annual fees will just add up to your regrets.

Brand names

Let’s put things in perspective: A box Tylenol costs around $12. A generic alternative that does the same thing costs 25% cheaper. Realize how much you can save?

The fact is, brands are overrated. While there are clothes that are more expensive because they last longer, there are other items in which you can do away with this unhealthy obsession. It doesn’t really matter who made the toilet paper of aluminum foil. As long as they serve their purpose, then why the heck not opt for the cheaper one, right?

Side hustle

You’re not only good at your job. There must be other hobbies you enjoy during your spare time or other things you’re skilled in. Convert these talents into cash and you’ll be raking in thousands of dollars once the year ends.

Go and do some extra work on the side. Whether it’s being a bartender or a PR in events or even through freelancing stints, you’ll be surprised how much money you can make when you choose to spend less time as a coach potato and a more hardworking dude. Plus, you get to sincerely enjoy what you’re doing.

You may not realize it now but saving money as early as today will earn you a far better future than you would’ve ever imagined. Keep these tips in mind so retirement will be worth it.